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Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is open to those persons who wish to understand my research and work to further it. This laboratory explains each of my advanced reagents in detail and the methodology I used to build them.

Each student will be provided with a collection of the reagents and will be given ample opportunity to evaluate them on their most challenging subject. These reagents are the result of over a decade of research and a lifetime of study. They are field tested and proven effective. They are proof that the theories that I used to formulate them have solid basis. They also prove that my work has just begun...

I do not release my reagents for commercial duplication, however, I know that the best way to make them better and to discover new ones is to get them into the hands of dedicated seekers. I am learning more about them every day.

My work is based upon the premise that all things are possible until proven otherwise. If the stories of the Bible and the tales of the work of Eastern Mystics are true (or have even a thread of truth) then we can ferret out those truths.

When I read of a time when men lived for a thousand years, I don't discard it as fantasy. The scribes that wrote those stories were no less intelligent than us. Their readers were intelligent as well. Traditions concerning when to plant, or harvest, or weed were established because they worked. They were passed from generation to generation because it worked, and NOT because the people were somehow stupid or superstitious.

I accept the stories of women's intuition. I accept that dowsing works and I accept that there are persons that can miraculously heal others. The placebo effect is not an anomaly to be ignored, but a template to be copied.

These things are not fantasies; they are simply tantalizing tidbits of science that we don't yet understand. It is this science I am seeking to understand. It has taught me that our physical condition is a result of changes in the energy and information field. When we understand how this energy and information field works we will understand our physical reality.

If you want to understand physical symptoms and treatments, this is not the laboratory for you. If you look at each living thing as a separate entity unto itself, then again this laboratory is not for you. However, if you can accept that everything and all of us are connected, and that every change affects the whole, then this laboratory may be for you.

This is a laboratory for seekers that want to know why sometimes their work is successful but other times it fails. This laboratory is for those people that already understand the answers they are seeking will not be found in physical chemical reactions and components. This laboratory is for researchers who want to expand on what is possible. This laboratory is for the dreamers as well, because it is the dreamers that inspire us to consider "What if?".

...What if the secret to longevity has little to do with nutrition or exercise?

...What if the secret to wellness is on an energetic level?

...What if Jesus was telling us the truth when He said, "These things that I do, you shall do and

...What if my only limitations are the ones I put upon myself?

Before we can study something, we must first accept that it is possible. If it is possible, then we can work to understand how. When we understand how, we can work to make it happen every time.

As we progress, we will open ourselves up to more possibilities. This will help us to ask even better questions. These questions will propel us even further.

This laboratory will be unlike any subtle energy or radionics class you have ever taken. It is specifically designed to upset your current paradigm and open you to the possibility of a better one.

5 Aces Custom Reagents Laboratory Details: (Note: Streaming video available Oct. 15, 2017)

Secure your reservation now to join this Inner Circle and attend the 5 Aces Custom Reagents Lab on 29-30 July 2017 in Des Moines, IA.

When you complete this lab, to say your radionics knowledge and insight will be vastly expanded to higher levels of understanding and comprehension is an understatement.

Yes, you will discover cutting edge radionic practices never before revealed. The concepts and strategies you will receive in the Inner Circle Lab can cause a paradigm shift in your radionics practice. It will disrupt the way you've practiced radionics in the past.

Class size is limited to 12 attendees on a first come first serve basis and you will be required to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and release form. Due to the depth and scope of the material being presented, this lab may be offered only once.

If working harder and longer is not giving you the results you need, then it's time to make a big change in how you go about your radionics research, discovery and application.

You already know there isn't enough time to go through every rate sheet in hopes of stumbling upon the answers you need. I know you've been looking for a better answer ever since your first radionics project. This lab will give you that better answer in more ways than you can begin to imagine right now!

The 5 Aces Custom Reagents Lab is different from any radionics class you have ever taken. I will teach you how to keep from being distracted by symptoms, and how to get to the root of the issue quickly.

More power for your instruments and longer lab hours will not get you where you want to go. I understand your situation and this is why I developed the 5 Aces Lab to overcome your dilemma. I'm also seeking like-minded practitioners to help pave a new path in radionics applications -- to join me on a new road to discovery.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same mindset that created them." Albert Einstein

My cutting edge reagents go the heart of the issue. This lab teaches you how to use them. Better yet, you will get plenty of hands-on time to test and evaluate each one, on your own projects with my personal guidance. You'll receive the 5 Aces Lab Book that includes 25 experiments and exercises to help you evaluate not only my reagents, but any new reagents, procedures and/or radionic lab accessories.

We will go through my formulation process so you can build your own custom rates and reagents programs. No more wishing you had a better way -- this is the better way. No more "peeling the onion". No more endless searching for the "cause behind the cause". At last you can discover how to go directly to the underlying cause and resolve it.

Physicians treat symptoms... Radionics professionals like you will solve problems!

Now you can invest your time doing the things you love most about radionics. Then, you can look at your archive of old rate sheets and rate books for just what they are; good practice and little more!

When I teach "the cause is always energetic", you'll understand why diagnosis is often a waste of time. By the end of class, you will understand why people that try to practice medicine with radionics don't understand radionics at all.

We will be looking for patterns and then determine how those patterns reproduce themselves. And then, you will understand why octaves of information are so important. This may sound a little confusing right now, but it's quite simple and will become crystal clear once you get "hands-on" in the Inner Circle Lab.

You will be testing accessories, procedures and protocols that claim to cut your balancing times. You will know the truth. YOU will be finding out these answers yourself with my direction (and you'll be bathing in the glory of your discoveries).

This lab is not for the faint of heart. I am not interested in fables or fantasies or wishful thinking. I will lay out what I have found and how I found it. You will learn to look at your spiritual and cultural traditions for the secrets that are hidden in plain sight.

If you are afraid to ask the hard questions, or the outlandish questions, you are not ready for this lab. If you absolutely understand that the really important questions are the ones you may be afraid to ask, then you will fit right in.

Included in your lab:

1. Your comprehensive lab notebook with over 25 labs and experiments.

2. Your "Inner Circle Longevity Protocol" that includes not-to-be-published rates and protocols.

For those of you who have attended my past workshops, you've been teased and titillated with a sprinkling of rates and protocols for the Longevity Project. Finally, I've made the decision to open the floodgates of insider information and deliver in this 5 Aces Lab ALL the rates and protocols you need to know about the Longevity Project.

Why? Well, I've realized when we all work together we can advance our projects faster and to a higher degree of knowledge in order to glimpse new areas of information for research and development. So, do join me in the 5 Aces Lab and reap larger than life benefits for decades to come.

(Note: These rates and protocols are for Inner Circle Members only. They are simply too powerful to be released to the general public without extensive training, education and supervision. Inner Circle members will sign a non-disclosure agreement stipulating they will not release these rates and procedures without written permission from me.)

3. Your Student Handbook that contains a comprehensive explanation of the rates and the procedures we'll analyze in the lab.

4. Your thumb drive with enough reading and studying material to keep your mind focused for months.

5. Hands on experience with each of my cutting edge reagents plus "members only" 25% off discounts for those reagents you need. When you purchase all 5 reagents together you will also be invited to review a big bonus streaming video set of this proprietary Inner Circle Lab.

These 5 reagents include ELT, Ho'Oponopono, Bf2, H2, Somasol.

(Note: All attendees must sign a release form as the Inner Circle package will include about 9 hours of actual 5 Aces Laboratory streaming video when you purchase all 5 reagents together.)

6. Your energetic model of how our reality is built.

Lab Requirements:

1. Personal instrument and potentizer (or Replicator), large well and digital photo-frame.

2. Witnesses: yourself, your home, a field or farm, a pet or other animal, a plant or crop.

3. Your oldest picture of an ancestor.

4. Your witness of a close relative.

5. Your witness of a spouse or a significant other.

6. Your small Gideon Bible and other Holy books or items.

7. Your favorite reagents.

8. Your most challenging project(s).

9. Your most inquisitive mind.

Class size is limited to 12 attendees (Note: Streaming video available Oct. 15, 2017).
Attendees must be experienced and either bring their own instrument or rent one for the class. Lunch is available on-site. Lab will be open until 10:00PM Saturday night. Food order-in available.

$995 per attendee (hotel discount available)

Bring a spouse or business partner for $295 extra (limited to first 3)

$200 deposit required to reserve your seat (non-refundable). Balance due 3 weeks prior to beginning of class.

Contact me with your questions or to reserve your seat:  marty@EveryAdvantage.net