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Throughout our reality we see patterns. The ancient sages taught, "as above, so below". When they wrote this they were alluding to the fractal nature of our existence. That which is above resembles that which is below.

The solar system resembles the atom. A giant salt crystal is composed of millions of small crystals. Even our mathematicians have seen the patterns. Their super computers have devised a simple formula that when they are repeated millions of times they produce pictures that resemble the leaves of plants.

The concept of repeating patterns throughout nature provides an excellent avenue of research. So, when we see that Somatids are involved in the transmutation of minute life forms within cells we can assume that this is part of a pattern. Likewise, cancer cells may very well be normal healthy cells that have reverted to their primordial forms. Also consider that when a tissue is injured, the cells in the damaged area de-differentiate. Then, they reform into the type of cell that is required to properly heal the tissue.

That leads to the hypothesis that perhaps the micro-organisms we see in infectious diseases may just be one form of the organism. We know that the higher forms of life can have hundreds of different types of cells throughout the body even though the DNA is the same in each cell.

Maybe the ability to differentiate is not confined just to complex life forms. What if it is a function that is common throughout Nature? What if differentiation in cells and genetic selective genetic expression is a pattern that is common throughout nature? What if the pathogen we see in an infection is just one differentiated form of the organism? What if that pathogen is simply a "primordial" form of that organism?

If that is true then there is something in the environment that triggers differentiation. We see in stressed cells that Somatids change into forms that cause the cell to self-destruct. We understand that this stress is most often caused by a bio-photon deficiency. What we see in cells with Somatids and bio-photons then is most likely repeated at higher levels as well... higher octaves...

That led me to look for the next higher "octave" form of bio-photons. I call this higher form of bio-photons the Bf2! level. If my hypothesis is correct, any organism that is suffering from a debilitating infection would have a deficiency of Bf2! also. Further, the infectious agent itself would be even more deficient. It follows that when this deficiency is re-mediated, the pathogenic organism would differentiate into its higher form. Given the symmetry with Somatids, there are several forms of each life form we see as a pathogen. The higher forms would be life supporting and the stressed forms are the destroyers and recylers.

By relieving the stress of the BF2!, the pathogen will naturally transmute into a more symbiotic form. This gives us the opportunity to "combat" infections, not by overcoming and killing, but by supporting their natural ability to transmute. We support its natural ability to express and suppress portions of its own DNA. This also relieves the body of the necessity of clearing and eliminating toxins or cell debris. We no longer fight and destroy, instead we express and support.

So, when we analyze the DNA of an organism and we see remnants of DNA from lower life forms, maybe what we are seeing is the end result of a transmutation process that we can only see a portion of the process. Many leading alternative health researchers have concluded that the DNA we can see is only the 3 dimensional portion of the genetic package. If the multidimensional potions of DNA are hidden, this lends credibility to their research. $475 marty@EveryAdvantage.net

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