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Earth Life Template (ELT)

This Earth Life Template reagent has unlimited possibilities, but if used incorrectly could also have devastating effects.

At this time, using this radionic reagent exclusively for individuals is the safest avenue of experimentation. I am not ruling out using it on larger systems or even entire ecosystems, however, please take the time to digest this report before you do so.

Life in the Universe is neither arbitrary nor accidental. It follows a pattern. It is the same here on Earth. We see all life (as we know it) has the same basic DNA building blocks and follows the same general rules. It consumes energy, reproduces and dies. But the pattern is much more complex. We often call this overall pattern, "Mother Nature" -- or the natural order of things. When a specie is out of balance, it is brought back into balance either through disease or competition.

We see this pattern all the time, but rarely take a step back and look at the pattern itself. The pattern of life on Earth is the "Earth Life Template". The Earth Life Template (ELT) not only regulates how species interact, but also which species are present at any given time. The ELT is what determines the niches of life. It is the ELT that forms the patterns of life at the sea bottom as well as the structure and function of the animal and plant kingdoms on the surface.

Somatids and Somasols are the "action agents" of the ELT. The ELT is a cause. Somatids and Somasols are symptoms of that cause.

Individual organisms and species that closely adhere to the Earth Life Template thrive. Those that do not are forced into compliance or eliminated. When a niche is changed or destroyed the life in that niche changes and other forms of life move in that are better adapted to the changed conditions. When we see these changes we call it survival of the fittest. We acknowledge that is the way things are, but we rarely ask why. The "why" is the Earth Life Template.

Since the ELT is the pattern that the life forms fill, the stronger the energy of the pattern the more closely the life forms will fill their energetic niches. When the niches are properly and completely filled, the life forms in those niches are balanced.

As the pattern weakens ecosystems become unstable. This instability is seen as massive overgrowth of a specie followed by population collapse. We are currently seeing this in the collapse of natural systems world-wide. Some species are vanishing while others have massive overpopulation issues.

A Biblical view of a stable ecosystem and a strong ELT would be the Garden of Eden. Populations were stable. Organisms did not eat each other, die or reproduce.

A modern view of an unstable system can be seen when an infection overwhelms the immune system and kills the host. The stronger the information signal of the ELT, ultimately the more stable the system (a system moving toward stability may experience rapid change).

Destruction and consumption of other life forms and reproduction are all symptoms of unbalance. Balance in an environmental niche indicates that the life forms in that area are filling their designated roles according to the Template. Balanced systems have no need for reproduction. Likewise, there is no need for death in a balanced system. We expect reproduction and death simply because the system we live in is dynamically moving towards balance. No matter what changes we bring to a system, it inevitably will move back to balance.

Change is ingrained in our paradigm because we see it all around us. However, we also see stability in balanced systems. The redwood forests are much more stable than the average lawn. Therefore, the redwood trees live for thousands of years, filling their niche without need for either death or reproduction. The average lawn is completely unstable and the grasses only live for short periods and weeds continually move in.

An organism that aligns with the ELT has no need to be recycled or eliminated. So, energizing the Earth Life Template radionic reagent brings rapid change followed by stability. This makes it ideal for permaculture areas, wildlife sanctuaries or other natural areas. It also makes it ideal for those areas that need to move toward balance.

For instance, a row crop field is an unnatural monocrop environment. Balancing the ELT during the growing season will encourage weed growth and the elimination of species that do not support the ELT (which may be the crop itself).

However, balancing the ELT during the dormant season will help to balance the soil life and will encourage mineral and nutritional balance in the system. A balanced system has no need of weeds whose job it is to balance. This will need to be tested further.

Balancing the ELT in an organism will move the organism toward a balanced condition. The symbiotic and parasitic life within the organism will also move toward stability and balance. The affects will be more than purely physical, so expect behavioral changes as well. Self-destructive behavior and those behaviors that unbalance the ELT will be reduced or eliminated. However, those behaviors that move the system toward greater balance will be enhanced.

For instance, an alcoholic will lose alcohol cravings. At the same time his appetite for foods that repair and rebuild the body will increase. At the same time when the ELT of a genetically modified crop field is balanced, the GMO plants will suppress the modification. Weeds and diseases that tend to move the system to balance will flourish and the crop itself (if it survives) will tend to produce high quality yields as opposed to high quantity yields.

In the long run a balanced ELT is incredibly beneficial. In the short run it may produce extreme challenges. As an example, if an ecosystem has excess production of grasses, expect natural forces to move to balance it. That may mean wildlife will be attracted to the area to graze. If the owner is expecting to harvest the excess or graze his herd on the pasture and the ELT is fully energized, the pasture will most likely be "harvested" by wildlife.

By the same token, if an organism is unable to fulfill its natural role it will be recycled so that another creature can. If we balance on a system the pieces will move toward balance in that system. So balancing a herd will move the entire herd without regard to the individuals. Likewise, balancing on an individual will work to balance the internal system of that individual.

For instance, take the case where there is a mixed herd of animals on a range. By balancing on the range, those animals that are best suited to bring the system into resonance with the ELT will be supported. The other animals will be recycled. So, individual cows in the herd may or may not be supported. In fact, if the herd does not fit the natural niche the entire herd may be suppressed and other animals brought in to fill the niche.

But, if we balance the ELT of the individual animal, the life forms in that organism will move toward balance and stability. Balancing individual animals will support their health, but group balancing may or may not help individuals. Likewise, balancing on an entire system will support the system but not individuals or even individual species.

This is exactly why I am reticent about releasing this reagent. While moving an entire system towards balance may be what is best for the planet in the long run, in the short run the effects may include massive depopulation of some species. That could apply to agricultural systems as well as social systems.

That being said, nearly all of my standard measurements of progress that I use for my Longevity Project are becoming irrelevant.

After "Expected Longevity" climbs beyond another 100 years, it becomes unbelievable. A General Vitality of over 2000 no longer provides a useful measurement (the law of diminishing returns). Where moving the GV from 200 to 300 is often accompanied by measurable physical responses, moving it from 1500 to 2000 does not seem to make a measurable response.

I will have more on this reagent as I study it. As a side note, when I was potentizing the ELT reagent, the Colossus "wanted" to be connected to the Replicator. That was a first for me. $400 marty@EveryAdvantage.net

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