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Ho'Oponopono is the ancient Huna prayer of Love and Forgiveness i.e. "I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you." This cutting edge reagent increases the flow of energy by dissolving blockages and increasing communication.

Love is your most basic sense in communication. Communication increases energy flow and healing quickens as energy flow increases. Holding a grudge blocks energy flow and blockages to energy flow cause disease and dysfunction.

The frequency of the Ho'Oponopono Prayer has been imprinted into your Ho'Oponopono reagent. In order to increase your lab efficiency, your Ho'Oponopono vial can be used as a reagent in a radionics application. It can also be used in the same manner as you would use a healing crystal, or it can be worn or carried on your body. Simply holding the vial in your hand starts to dissolve energetic blockages so healing can begin.

This cutting edge reagent makes it an ideal accessory for your office, classroom or anywhere you want peace and harmony. The Ho'Oponopono reagent has also been found to be very effective with livestock and for helping to heal soils and crops.

One of the best tests of your new reagent is to analyze a subject, broadcast the reagent then re-analyze the same subject. You will notice that many readings change and improve, even though you did not specifically balance on any of them. That is because your Ho'Oponopono reagent is working at a very deep level.

That is why it works so well with plants, animals, and even soils. Where ever there is life, you can expect the Ho'Oponopono to help it become healthier.

Store your reagent away from electrical and electronic devices. Do not copy or you will destroy its effectiveness. Your Ho'Oponopono reagent should remain 100% effective indefinitely. If it fails to perform as expected within the first year, simply return it for a placement. $175 marty@EveryAdvantage.net